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A group of women who ride to support research into health issues which directly impact on women, their partners and families. We have two purposes – to raise awareness and money for research projects that can improve women’s lives and to create a great camaraderie amongst women whilst doing something they are passionate about.

‘You are an inspiration to all women. Your cause is real and your passion to make a positive impact on women’s issue is clear. To be involved in your inaugural cycle event to the Hunter Valley was our pleasure and you should be proud of what you have created and what you have achieved and will achieve in the future. To your sponsors and donors who supported your efforts well done.  To each of the beautiful women who cycled in the inaugural event and raised funds,  congratulations.
To all the women’s who have yet to connect with you, I encourage them to get involved.’
Kent Williams - Team Entoure
(this is a quote so please take out of the pink)

Tour des Femmes is supporting Hunter Medical Research Institute's post-natal depression research project, "Here's looking at you, kid".  This project investigates face processing dysfunction and its relationship with post natal depression (PND).  PND affects 10-15% of postpartum women and is known to significantly impact on the physical, emotional, social and cognitive development and wellbeing of the of the child which often leads to later developmental difficulties.
We are also  supporting Endometriosis research projects as its major beneficiary.  Endometriosis affects 1 out of 10 women of reproductive age.  Endometriosis is a not so often talked about issue and therefore frequently goes un- or misdiagnosed only to have a devastating effect on women's physical, mental and emotional health, and often has a broader impact on families.  Our aim is to assist ongoing endometriosis research projects in their endeavours to improve doctors' ability to diagnose endometriosis and to find a cure.

Hunter Medical Research Institute Post Natal Depression"Here's looking at you"  The funding that Tour Des Femmes raised last year to support our research has been used towards the purchase of equipment to record eye-movements of people when they are viewing different types of visual stimuli. This equipment will be used by researchers in our laboratory and in particular by two of our Research Higher Degree students.  Christy and Paul are investigating how people with mental health problems such as postnatal depression and anxiety disorders are processing emotional information when viewing faces. How we view and process facial information is very important for how we interpret social cues and has a significant impact on our behaviour. The eyetracking equipment is an important part of our research and we will now be able to undertake a larger variety of research activities thanks to the continued support for our research by Tour Des Femmes.                                                                                                                                                           Dr Linda Campbell


Click here a video snapshot of the 2015 Challenger ride: